Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ubuntu Usenet NZB Client & Happy Mothers Day

Ever wonder why you can't find a good Ubuntu NZB Client with a GUI? It's because someone gave it the super creative name of "NZB".

sudo apt-get install nzb

It seems to be lacking some features that I've found useful in command-line programs like Hellanzb — like autounrar and autopar — but it gets the job done.

I'm definitely interested in hearing about any other Ubuntu NZB GUI clients out there, if anyone can give a recommendation.

Happy Mothers Day
To all you people who came from a womb, make sure to give thanks to the holder of the vagina you came out of!

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Willie said...

I ran into the same issue. Eventually I settled on klibido. Works fairly well. However, eventually newsleecher (my fav client for windows) began working well enough in WINE to go back to.