Thursday, May 8, 2008

Baseball Practice & Slow Updates

You know what's awesome? Not having to wait forever for your Ubuntu updates. It's times like this I grow to appreciate living on a campus that is an official mirror for Ubuntu updates, and, while living there, all your updates download with the snap of a finger.

Baseball Practice
Man, I miss being a kid. When the best thing that could happen was a cool activity, or a friend to play with appearing. I took my 5-year-old cousin to baseball practice today. It started to sprinkle and they canceled it before it began, but we were there already. So, we threw the ball around for awhile and played on the playgrounds (kids have AMAZING playgrounds these days) until supper time grew close. I was amazed at how thrilled he was with doing simple things, and I kind of let some of that seep into me, and enjoyed myself immensely. While we drove around, he kept making me play the rock-and-roll music real loud with the windows down. This kid is going places.

It's almost the end of the week. Mother's day is this weekend, and I have a project for work due next Tuesday. Expect blogging to slow down =\

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Kathleen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... no matter how random the method of finding it!
I'm commenting here since I didnt really understand the other entries well enough to say a word, but I found this one touching and authentic.