Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spreading Ubuntu

You know, after 2 years of heavily using this rock-solid operating system, I thought, "Why not?" It's the least I could do for all the hard work put into it.

right next to the marijuana poster ;)After seeing someone post a link to this site, and after finding this eye-catcher, I decided to explore just how easy it would be to get it printed, and maybe posted in a few places around GSU (Georgia Southern University). I burnt it to a CD, went to the campus print shop (since there's no color printing in campus computer labs). I got about 20 11x17 prints on regular laser paper, and bought the hanging supplies. All this totaled to around $10, which was cheaper than I expected.

Then, on my way to my classes today, I kept an eye out for poster boards. When I saw one, I made an attempt to hang my poster up. Sometimes the boards were crowded, and I had to remove some old posters to make room. I did run into boards that required items to be approved before hanging. It wasn't troublesome finding the person in charge, and having them look over my poster. Actually, I kind of enjoyed giving a quick explanation of Ubuntu to the faculty who were curious.

Sadly, I didn't see anyone recognize the big logo on my poster. That was expected, though, because this campus of about 15,000 students -- located in southern, rural Georgia -- has almost zero linux awareness from what I can tell. You might say it's a big Windows box (excepting, I think, their web servers).


Jon Reagan said...

awesome! :D

Justin B said...

I was wondering who posted that flyer... Also, you wont see too much GNU/Linux usage on campus outside of the IT building, however I do see a netbook from time to time running ubuntu :).

Also, I sent you a friend request on steam.

Lastly, Systems Software with Bob Cook is where you learn C/C++, though I've heard that you also use that in Grecca's computer architecture class. Hope that helps :)